Sunday, February 12, 2006

Posting an Audio Recording To a Blog & Testing Links

To create the previous audiopost, I went to and it took only a few minutes to set up my account. To make an audio post, I had to call a number in San Francisco (415) area code, then enter a PIN that I had preselected. It was so easy to do that I thought I'd made an error.

It doesn't appear that you can select an audio file the way that you can just select a photograph from your computer (unless I am missing something). I don't know why not.

For my audiopost (made late last night during a New York City blizzard) I chose to read a motion that I made on behalf of the Federal Bar Association, the New York County Lawyers' Association the New York City Bar to the Second Circuit on November 15, 2005 to admit over a hundred new members to the court. It was the first time that the court ever had a swearing in ceremony.

Reading the document over the telephone was a bit awkward. Like an answering machine, I was given the opportunity to rerecord it, review it or delete it before posting it. I would think that you'd in most instances prefer to post a better quality audio file that you had a chance to edit. It's an interesting novelty, but I'm not sure of the use for lawyers. Perhaps in a future column on podcasting, I'll figure out why posting pre-recorded audio files is not possible.

In trying to test the links in the earlier paragraph, I found that what you should do first is to hit "Save as Draft". Then hit "preview" in the upper right hand corner. To create the links: highlight the name of the organization: "New York City Bar". Then click the links button. Then enter the URL of the organization. That way the URL does not appear in the text.

I found that when I jumped out and tested my links, the program threw me out and I lost the sentences I'd written in this post. Hence the importance of hitting the "Save as Draft" button.

It is still snowing, and I can hear the snowplows scraping the streets 13 stories below as I look into the snow-blanked Hudson River from my office at Broadway & Chambers Street in Lower Manhattan.


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