Monday, February 13, 2006

Law Related Blogs - Blawgs & Technical Updates

Yesterday I went to the Strand Bookstore on Fulton Street (it was open, despite the blizzard). I bought a copy of Who Let the Blogs Out? by Biz Stone, a book about blogs and blogging. It helped me figure out some things. There are a lot of blogs out there. Stone works for Google and believes that blogs will take over the world. He may be right and there may be many uses for them that are not immediately apparent.

I tried signing my blog up with They said they'd get back to me with an email if I was accepted. I'm on tenterhooks right now. They have lists of law-related blogs. You can submit a link to your own blog or check out the many others that they have listed. Will I make the cut?

I set up "word verification" so that someone would have to type in those goofy letters in order to comment on my posts. This is supposed to avoid spam.

You can create a list of people who will automatically receive your posts. Some sites to investigate: . Technorati and Squidoo also sound interesting. I also signed up for a blogroll and heard nothing back from that site. I tried to sign up for a service called "Hello" that makes it easier to put photos on a blog, but the service kept rejecting me.

To find law-related blogs, I used the search function on and looked for "copyright law" - a topic of interest to me. Lots of interesting posts.

I managed to learn enough HTML code to modfiy my template. I put links in to the New York County Lawyers' Association, to the Federal Bar Association to the Copyright Society of the USA.

I figured out how to put a photograph of myself in the profile. I put the file on my first post by hitting the "Add Image" button that appears at the top of the Create Post template. Then, on the image, I right-clicked and hit properties, which gave me the URL of where my photo is on the web. I then cut and pasted the link into my profile section and the photograph appeared.

This system can be used to take photographs from anywhere on the web. Just now, I went to The Trademark Blog and took an image from Marty Schwimmer's blog without asking.
It appears above. Serendipitously, New York Magazine came out with a cover story titled Blogs to Riches


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