Monday, February 20, 2006

Sitemeter & Copyright & Park City Utah

I am sitting in a hotel in in Park City Utah. I just attended the Copyright Society's annual winter meeting. I got to shake hands with Senator Orrin Hatch and hobnob with the Register of Copyrights. Since I'm not a particularly good skier, my entire body feels as if it's been beaten by a rubber hose. Luckily, the outdoor jacuzzi is available for sore muscles.

My column on blogging is due on 2/24. I get back to the office on 2/22. So here are a couple of more observations:

Blogging from a remote location is easy. To log onto my hotel's wireless connection from my laptop, I paid $5.00 for the day. They gave me a password, very simple to get on and check my email. Logging on to was very easy. I entered my user ID and password, clicked on "Small Firm Life" and then clicked on "create post". I'm now entering this information.

I also checked my email and found out that I'd received an email from sitemeter. They emailed me with the number of page views - a detailed day-by-day report. I just gave it a quick glance, but it looked like 15 people checked out 33 pages of content. Since no one left a comment, I suppose I neither offended nor impressed anyone too terribly.

I'll try to set down the bulk of my observations when I return to the office on Wednesday.


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