Saturday, March 11, 2006

Podcasting for Lawyers

I think that I will be writing my next NY Law Journal column about podcasting. Yesterday I finished Secrets of Podcasting: Audio Blogging for the Masses by Bart G. Farkas. Very well written and good intro. I thought he was a little heavy on comparing various MP3 players and a little light on tips and tricks once you've gotten plugged in and set up. But overall a great, easy intro to the topic and tips on doing things cheaply. Very good explanation of what RSS is (Really Simple Syndication). Farkas also wrote "Playboy: The Mansion Official Strategy Guide" - so he's got some real street cred. has an article with a brief list of lawyers who podcast. appears to be devoted to the subject, has links to some legal podcasts and what look like some good how-to articles. I'll have to read it. has another good article interviewing veteran lawyer-podcasters. Some lawyers podcast their conference calls, others by talking into a cell phone on the highway. Farkas defines podcasting as posting an audio file to the web. Check out - interesting selection of classics, but you have to pay for decent quality.

I downloaded Audacity sound editing software for free (at Farkas') recommendation. Seems to work, but I'll have to spend more time with it. I will mess around with my current microphone and see where it goes before investing in a nice condenser microphone, preamp, headphones and portable digital sound recorder. I hate to spend money on toys I may not use.


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