Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sitemeter II & Coretta Scott King &

Here's what my week looked like, according to Sitemeter. For some reason I can't figure out how to delete a picture, hence the blank extra box. You should see a chart!

Last Friday, my column on blogging appeared in the NY Law Journal. So I checked out Sitemeter (the little button at the bottom of my blog) a little more closely. I learned that people from places like Mexico and Reston, Virginia were checking out my blog - even before the column came out.

Reston, Virginia? I figured that's where all of the Patriot Act funding must be going - to spy on bloggers, who by definition are making communications open to foreigners.

You see the spike? It wasn't the NY Law Journal. And my guess is that the Virginia guest was not Pentagon or CIA-based. It was a woman named Catherine Elefant who runs I got a nice little mention for launching a blog and BLAM - my Sitemeter showed tons of "referrals" and that most of them came from that blog. A real show of blogpower! I would have suspected that the hits would have come in from the NY Law Journal, but times have changed.

Last night I went to NYCLA's (NY County Lawyers' Ass'n) Tribute to Coretta Scott King. Amazing speeches, the fieriest given by civil rights firebrand Norman Siegel. I met Steve Landis, chair of NYCLA's Employment & Labor law committee and a partner at Shebitz Berman. He told me that he'd posted a comment to my blog. I said I hadn't seen it. Sure enough, I checked the Blogger Dashboard, and there's a thingy that says "Moderate Comments". I clicked on it and got my first post!!!


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