Sunday, March 05, 2006

ATLA & Fordham & Yonah Schimmel Knishery

Yesterday I woke up very early and wrote a book review on a three-volume treatise on Art Law written by Ralph Lerner and Judith Bresler. Amazing book, and absolutely essential if you are going to dive into that world. I'm going to let it simmer in my brain, give it a rewrite and submit it to my editor at the New York Law Journal on Monday.

Then I ran off to a Fordham Law School Alumni luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria. It's always fun to attend. Got to hang out with Judge Loretta Preska a bit - she always wears these great hats and is a lot of fun. Kelly O'Neill-Levy was there - Kelly works for Judge Sherry Klein Heitler and I suspect will be a judge herself shortly. Ran into Tom Suozzi, long-shot candidate for Attorney General. We spoke a bit, I like his clean up Albany campaigns and we have some mutual dislikes. I ran into my good friend Carol Remy who is a happy real estate lawer at Paul Hastings and I discussed my guilt over not yet contributing to the Fordham International Law Journal Alumni Association website. I met John McCarthy of Bainton McCarthy, who was talking to another John McCarthy. They were discussing a third John McCarthy (Class of '29) for whom both had been confused. The Irish have suffered from a terrible shortage of names for quite a few centuries.

I had to leave before getting my rubber chicken and the speeches to go to 60 Centre street to judge a moot court competition for the American Association of Trial Lawyers (ATLA). I thought I'd be a timekeeper or something, but Gary Pillersdorf sat me next to Judge Lou York for the training and proceeded to railroad me into being a judge. I sat in Judge Milton Tingling's courtroom (I hope we left it clean) and watched an amazing round of St. John's v. Columbia Law. St. John's won the round, but wow, these young lawyers were amazing and already practice at a higher level than most attorneys I've dealt with.

On March 8 there will be a charity auction at the New York County Lawyers' Association. I thought that I'd get a gift certificate to the Yonah Schimmel Knishery (founded in 1910). Well, I went in and the woman behind the counter looked at me in disgust "you buy knishes, no certificates". After some haggling, a few phone calls, I was told "come back tomorrow". Since everyone knows that to get a good knish, suffering abuse and yelling back is part of the sacred ritual, I happily returned this morning, scored my gift certificates and ate my blueberry cheese with extra gusto.


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