Monday, June 26, 2006

Book Publishing & Court of International Trade Ceremony

I keep thinking that I'm going to be done with this book that I've written on copyright litigation, but more and more things keep popping up. It's an amazing experience to go through the editorial process, focus the book toward the audience's needs, and think about marketing. It's all very exhausting, but last week I was informed that the book is considered "publishable" and my editor had some very kind things to say about how it is written.

The ceremony at the Court of International Trade is shaping up nicely. You are all invited to attend on July 25 at 3 p.m. Here is an invite! If you are not sworn in to the court, the Federal Bar Association will sponsor you. We are honoring Chief Judge Restani, the first woman Chief Judge of the court. We have learned that the chief judge has fans around the country, so attendance should be fairly robust.

If you care about things like countervailing duties, gray market goods, getting your seized goods back from customs, or just enjoying some great modern architecture and learning about this important institution, please come on over!


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