Thursday, June 08, 2006

Court of International Trade Event & Frontpage Link

I'm helping to organize an event at the Court of International Trade. It's a court of national jurisdiction located two blocks from my office (right across from the state and federal courts on Foley Square). It's a very modern floating glass block building. Chic period architecture within.

The CIT consists of nine active Article III judges and four senior judges. Although seated in New York, it is authorized to hold proceedings anywhere in the nation and abroad. On July 25, the Federal Bar Association will be honoring Chief Judge Jane Restani, the first woman to serve as Chief Judge of that court. We will also be holding in a swearing in ceremony for attorneys wishing to be admitted to the court. All judges are expected to attend, and the wine & cheese reception afterwards should be great. All of my attorney friends from Blogville are welcome to attend.

So I sat down with my partner for another Frontpage lesson. I figured out how to put a new picture of myself on the website, how to create a page, and how to add a link. I succeeded in putting an Invitation to Court of International Trade event on my website. I think it looks pretty good. When I saved a draft of this post and tried to test the two preceding links, the invitation came up, but Blogger threw me out. We'll see how the published post looks.

I'm pretty impressed with Frontpage and look forward to learning a lot more about it.


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