Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Linking A Website To A Blog - Frontpage & Class Actions

My partner Dan Marotta did all of the hands-on in building our firm's website. We worked with a designer and used Microsoft Frontpage. I was involved with the design and the links that we selected to put on the site, but he learned the Frontpage program and sweated over making it look uniform and having the boxes line up. We didn't want a site that we couldn't change or understand. We were watching at the time (late '90's) how web designers were holding people hostage over making changes and locking them into crazy contracts. Over time, there have been relatively few changes to the site.

We've seen our website as place that people visit after learning about us, basically to read our resumes. For class action issues, it's a good thing to master. If a class action I've proposed gets certified, I really don't want to outsource the fairly simply process of getting the right documents onto the web to give the world notice. Probably the best website for class actions around is the Milberg Weiss website. Forms, notices, copies of pleadings, etc. Also forms on the Federal Judicial Center's site mentioned in my previous post. It's sad what's happening to them, because I think they've done so much good. Their website description:

Experts in protecting victims of corporate fraud and other public misconduct
Responsible for over $45 billion in recoveries
The most prestigious and recognized plaintiff law firm in the United States

I've resolved to dig in, master Frontpage and start using our website more dynamically. I took the very small step of installing Frontpage and sitting down with my partner and getting a lesson. In a few minutes, I added a link to Small Firm Life and learned the design and preview functions. It was very simple.

I hope to spend more time on it during my Spring cleaning. I have a feeling that my Spring cleaning of the website and blog will take place during the dog days of August at the rate I'm going. Since I'm not going to quit the day job, that's just the way it's going to have to be.


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