Sunday, July 16, 2006

Traffic Index #4 (Part 2)

I just lost half of a post that I spend a good deal of time on. So I'm just providing below the raw data and haven't cleaned up the links that I'd made all tidy and lost. Blogger's "Recover Post" function simply doesn't work. And I'm not even going to finish the thoughts I started. Blogging should be short and sweet, and I went on for too long!

French Wikipedia page on the Constitutional Council 17

The Palais Royal in Paris 17

Maps of Paris (Plans de Paris) 44,160

French National Assembly 52,900

Les Journaux officials (French equivalent of Federal Register) 70,793

French Ministry of Justice’s Page on Paris La-Santé (maison d’arrêt) 70,959

Opera National De Paris 121,468

Cour d’appel de Paris (Paris Court of Appeals) 310,122

Cour de Cassation (French equivalent of US Supreme Court) 425,043

Dowd & Marotta 685,261

Small Firm Life 888,685

Organization for Information on European Prisons 905,653


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