Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Reverse Blogging & Obsjur Epiphanies of a 3L

I check my Sitemeter (the button at the very bottom of my blog) to see who is visiting. Well, I can't tell everything about them, but I can tell what city they are from and if they've linked in from another blog. Sitemeter lists by location and by referral page. I can also tell if they've reached me as a result of a search - I can see part of the search. Interesting.

As I noted in an earlier post, I got a mention on, and the hits keep coming. That blog must have some CRAZY traffic. I checked out myshingle and it had really good material for small and solo practitioners, so I understand why. The other day I noticed some hits coming from The Proper Bostonian which appears to be a photoblog of very good looking young notquitesober people having an amazing party. Go figure!

Today I got some referrals from a site called I visited it and thought: wow! This is exactly the site that I was looking for when I started looking into legal blogs. It breaks down blogs by taxonomy (types of blogs) and by practice area. It's done in a very intelligent manner by an OSU student. I emailed him to find out whether OSU was Oregon, Oklahoma or Ohio - Ohio it was! It's a blog that I spent a little time with and I want to go back and spend some more. I hope he keeps it up. Denise Howell of Bag and Baggage talked about setting up a site like this on a sites she'd reserved - - I think that's the site she said she'd reserved. She was looking for volunteers was setting up a Wiki and I thought of emailing her, but I've got a million projects going in the next few weeks, maybe in late April.

Cruising the blogs that Ian Best (the 3L having the epiphany) put together, I found Ian's link to Obsjur - a Portugese legal professor who has launched a worldwide observatory of the legal blogosphere. It's linked to a blog called LEFIS (Europe) subtitled "The Weblog of the Legal Framework for the Information Society Network". The latest post is "Broadband for All".

I've strayed from smallfirmlife's narrow focus and mission. That's the point. There are some wild things just a click or two away, and some Portugese law professor is studying our blogs and blogging behavior for the Observatorio de la Blogosfera Jurídica. Some wildly ambitious 3L from the Buckeye State is reshaping our legal world and creating free legal resources that will be really helpful to us. Dig in!


Anonymous Ian Best said...

[This might be a second comment. Sorry. I couldn't tell if it went through or not.]
Hi! Thanks very much for the write-up. (I use my Sitemeter the same way that you do.)
I hope you don't mind, but I took part of a sentence from your post and made it my subtitle. If you visit my blog again, look at the top.
I didn't identify that the quote comes from you, but I'll do that if you'd prefer it.
Thanks again.
- 3L Epiphany

11:12 AM  

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