Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Video Emails & Video Skype

Ok, I bought a Logitech webcam. It takes only a couple of minutes to plug in. I can snap a photo of myself in an instant and plug the file in. I am not sure that I want too many pictures of myself sitting at my desk, but it's fun to do at least once.

I bought the expensive one that adjusts to the light and follows you around $109 at J&R. Not sure that I needed to spend all of that money, but I've been trying to push the tech envelope and you only live once.

It takes only a second to snap a photo or record a video (with sound) and attach the file to an email (the software does it automatically). It seems like a fun way to communicate with family (my cousin got a kick out of it). I'll have to try it on my siblings. I can think of a couple of business development applications, but they'd be more likely to send potential clients screaming in the opposite direction.

I did a video Skype today with my client in Austria. The first videoconference for either of us. It was a lot of fun - we've never met in person, so it was a great icebreaker and helps break down the language barrier. I suspected that he smoked cigarettes while we were talking, but now I know it's true. I think that this will be a good business application, and will be particularly good in diffusing and humanizing tense situations long distance. I like the idea of course, that Skype is free! See my earlier post on how to get free phone calls through Skype.


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