Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blogging Cures Procrastination!

Smallfirmlife's author is now writing a book. Excuses to the publisher for missing deadlines are falling on deaf ears. So with all tasks set aside, Chapter 9 on Injunctions and Seizures in Copyright Proceedings and Chapter 14 on Damages to be written on a beautiful sunny Saturday, what to do?

Simple. Blog. This blog post today was intended to be a quickie: on the topic of self-citation for bloggers (citing your own posts or writings) and self-plagiarism (an unethical evil rampant in academe that I'd never heard or thought of until recently).

But I wanted to open my quickie post with a clever one-liner basically saying that "the God Procrastinus has visited my house". I wanted "Procrastinus" to be lit up. Not being sure that Procrastinus was an actual mythological figure (I didn't think so), I of course googled. Well, according to, "procrastinus" is a Latin word for "forward to tomorrow". One blogger, perhaps the only "Bog Blog" out there, speaks of the "Many Roads to Procrastinus." Then there's a blogger named Procrastinus who is "so money and he doesn't even know it" according to Vegas Joe.

Smallfirmlife then discovered the little-known Greek God Dilbertus Procrastinus who perfected the saunter on Mount Olympus (this sport has been discontinued in our modern Olympic Games). Plenty of support for my bold-facing the much-secretly-worshipped God of lascivious delay. Smallfirmlife plans to make elaborate sacrifices at this temple.

But for those who want to ward off Procrastinus, or to take a detour from the bog where he lives, there's a very serious website dedicated to procrastination maintained by the the University of Calgary that will permit you to take a self-test, learn theories about combatting an overcoming procastination, and study the personality types that develop these problems. The cures? Learned Industriousness, Energy Regulation, and Goal Setting.

Smallfirmlife will take the survey and figure out the source of the inner immovable object. One of these days.


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