Saturday, April 08, 2006

Green Lawyer Blawg: Energy and National Security

A number of years ago I served as a Co-Chair of the Entertainment Media Intellectual Property & Sports Law Section of the New York County Lawyers' Association. One of my former Co-Chairs, an attorney named Stephen Filler, moved his office to Westchester and launched a thriving solo practice. Stephen has launched a new blawg called focused on environmental and energy issues. He became very active in the safety campaign surrounding the Indian Point power plant and has become politically active because of that. Let's hope that in the near future our state and federal governments will sober up and start treating these issues as serious health, economic and national security concerns. Good domestic energy policy would create jobs, stimulate the economy by reducing costs, reduce the risks of oil dependence, and let us breathe freely. We're drowning in our own waste as our political leaders cheer the process on. As Filler's latest blog post argues, solar panels are very very serious business. Let's hope that smallfirm bloggers will help to bring our government to its senses.

It's gray and rainy in New York City.


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