Monday, May 01, 2006

How To Advertise a Blog

This is a snapshot of Small Firm Life's killer advertising campaign. From March 22, 2006 through May 1, 2006, we've achieved two clicks. We've also gotten 1,937 impressions. People are seeing the ad (featured at the top left of the screenshot), but obviously fighting back a desire to click. The total cost for this nationwide ad blitz is thirty-three cents. Initially, the campaign was limited to New York, but I increased the geographic footprint to the United States. I also added the word "blawg" and "solo practice". Cost per click: 16.5 cents. Cost per impression: .0001703 cents. 125 people searching "blawg" now presumably know - at least subliminally - that Small Firm Life exists.

Look out, William Randolph Hearst - the micromedia micromarketing age of publishing is here!

Small Firm Life is finding true value in the Google Adsense program, even within our frugal parameters and an international assault is being considered.


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