Monday, May 01, 2006

Good Links From a Blog: The Patry Copyright Blog

I am an avid fan of Professor Patry's Copyright Blog. I'd say it's become pretty much required reading for lawyers serious about copyright. Professor Patry's deeply reasoned and well-researched posts appear almost daily, exhibiting a breathtaking erudition and a virtuoso grasp of his subject. He writes with the confidence of someone who can tell us how a judge bungled a copyright issue in the latest decision, and doesn't mind pointing it out. He's also got fiercely held opinions on policy issues, which make tackling some very technical issues fun, no matter what your copyright politics are. I don't usually read the comments, but I have noted that he attracts some of the best in the field.

In his post of April 30, he writes about a Los Angeles photographer suing the country of Burundi for copyright infringement. Burundi's 10,000 franc note has what appears to be an engraved rendering of the Californian's photograph.

I've noticed that Prof. Patry is good about creating links to PDF files to all sorts of things. In this case, a PDF of the complaint, which has a color photograph of both the allegedly infringed work, along with a color image of the 10,000 franc note. His blog notes that he "created" the link, and I can click to the PDF and even save it to my computer if I'd like, but can't tell how or where it is stored. In a couple of weeks I hope to do a "spring cleaning" of my blog, putting a blogroll together, removing the nasty Google Ads featuring my low-cost competitors, and trying to add as many bells & whistles as I can.

According to, Prof. Patry's blog rates #444,137 as of today. That's some pretty serious traffic, and it does not look like he has added many bells and whistles to drive traffic to his site. In fact, his template still has the "edit me" links from the Blogger template. Just shows that a serious commitment to quality will attract visitors.


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