Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Technical Issues In Posting Photos To A Blog

People have complained for years about the photograph that I currently have posted on my profile. Others have praised it strongly. It was taken in 1999. It's a black and white photograph taken by a major photographer named Pascal DeMeester. He used a very old 8 x 10 Polaroid camera. That means that the Polaroid negative was the size of a sheet of looseleaf paper. He used a color negative to create an interesting effect. We scanned the photograph, retouched it, and I have used it for the web.

I recently asked my friend and client, photographer Jacob Getz www.getzphoto.com to do a headshot for me. That's the photo you see here. Jacob took a number of great photographs and took some with interesting poses. I'm not particularly photogenic, so the man does miracles.

The files that he provided with me originally were for print publication or high resolution web publication. The files were much larger than the 300 MB per photo that Blogger permits. He was kind enough to reduce the file size and provide me with this version, which I'm able to post. I'm trying to replace the photograph that I have in my current profile, and the problem is that Blogger requires a photograph to already have a URL for it to serve as your "profile" photograph. I will try posting this, then using the posted photograph to change my profile photograph.

As I announced in an earlier post, I am planning a Spring Cleaning for Small Firm Life (what they call an extreme makeover on the West Coast). Figuring out how to update a photograph and how to better handle photographs generally is on the agenda.

Since I'm giving a presentation on May 17 at the New York County Lawyers' Association on creating a blog, I would really like to have a handle on these elementary issues.


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