Saturday, April 22, 2006

Two-Monitor Time Saver

Attorneys who come to my office are sometimes wowed by the fact that I have two 17" flatscreen monitors. They are Samsung 730B and are just terrific. I don't understand how attorneys who have to juggle a lot can work with just one. It's great for cutting and pasting, working from different sources, entering time or doing another task without leaving a main document that you are "really" working on. Looking at a PDF on one screen, and writing about it in a Wordperfect document on the other. Just buy another monitor, and plug & play. I've checked out the really big monitors and they seem to daze me with their size and price. My control panel shows that I could put in a third, but unless you're an addicted day trader or sports addict, that seems a little over the top. Then again, when Gillette put another blade in my razor . . .

P.S. My last blog post went out unproofread. I use a macro to create the section symbol. 17 USC (Section Symbol) 107. The macro is (Control + S). Well, to Blogger that apparently means "Publish" so it just threw my unpolished post into the blogosphere. I'm starting to be concerned about lawyers using web-based apps. Sorry to subscribers who received two versions.


Blogger Stephen said...

Hey Ray --that control "s" thing is definitely something to watch out for us lawyer bloggers. I use the same macro as I imagine many tech savvy lawyers do.

5:47 PM  

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